I am a resident of Kennesaw, Georgia. In 2013, I earned my degree in graphic design at Samford University. Since then, I’ve been using my skills with computers and design to help clients in the greater Atlanta area. For the past three years, I have worked as Webmaster and Marketer at Mission to the World in Lawrenceville, GA. Before my time there, I have done work for clients such as Regions Bank, Ebsco Media, S.E.I. Aaron’s, and many others. One of the reasons I love design is because it lets me bring life, beauty, and excitement to the forefront of a project. I also love that computers allow for endless possibilities for perfecting a work created with the freedom and self-expression of the human hand.

I love to spend my free time hiking outdoors, mountain biking, or playing Xbox with friends. I am also a huge nerd. I love everything Sci-Fi and fantasy related, and I frequently express my emotions with internet memes and gifs.

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